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Tony puts on a great show, while asking great questions also promotes the person being interviewed.  It is always great to be a part of it.


Great Podcast Show!

I loved being a guest on Tony’s podcast! He is really well informed and asked great questions that I felt were so helpful to the listeners. I appreciated how well organized the entire process was and it was so simple, fun and easy to be a guest. Thank you!

ADHD Coach

I can’t thank you enough for seeing the need and interest in having me as a guest.  Tony has his pulse on his audience and fills his show with key subjects for people in the know.  He listens so well and asks such poignant questions.  I love listening to him and engage with his guests!

Thank you Tony!

Author, Producer, Actress,


Today, I had the extreme pleasure of being a guest on Tony Gambone’s Tough Talk Radio Show. I truly enjoyed Tony’s warm and welcoming demeanor. He has the true curiosity needed to be a skilled interviewer. Our conversation felt open and engaging.  Thank you for having me on.



Thank you so much for having me on your show today to talk about my book Freed Clause 14 Amendments to freedom and my Ministry 7Miles.    It was a great time, you made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  Very Professional and such a great experience.  thank you again.


Tony has always been helpful and friendly in setting up the interview before and during the event.  He’s manor is opening and he ask questions that help you to spot light yourself and your product.  I have been recommending Tony and Tough Talk Radio to fellow members for a few years now.

Doing radio interviews is very helpful, not only for experience but for increased product awareness.


Thank you for the platform to share our story today.  The greatest challenge for a pastor is to listen and ask good questions.  You do that very well.

Thank you again for asking me to be a guest!

God bless you always in all ways.  Psalm 20:4-5,


Owner, Susan’s Ballroom Dance and Class Act Etiquette


I really enjoyed my interview with Tony Gambone. His monologue before our interview was inspirational. He provided insight into his personal life; as well as offering suggestions for listening; where they would consider their life choices.

Tony was an excellent host. He made me feel comfortable during our interview; helping me to open-up and speak freely on our topic of discussion.

I would suggest a person to take the time to listen and possibly be interviewed by Tony Gambone host of Tough Talk Christian Radio program.

Thanks Tony,

Stenetta Anthony

The Bible and Politics

I have been a guest on numerous radio programs over the years, but none were conducted as well as Tough Talk Radio. The host, Mr. Tonly Gambone was extremely professional and courteous throughout the course of the interview. He never interrupted me, and always afforded me the necessary time to complete my thought, even pausing to ensure that I was finished speaking. His approach is somewhat casual, but never to the point of being careless. Personally, I believe his manner and delivery puts his guest at ease, drawing them into the conversation and direction that Tony is leading. Hats off to Tony Gambone!

Walter Manning



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