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CRYPTO-preneurs radio is a community of entrepreneurs who strive to affect change and increase the public acceptance of cryptocurrency. We are miners, entrepreneurs, and innovators getting involved in the evolution of digital currencies.



unnamedTony Gambone, the founder and creator of Tough Talk Radio Network. He spent a significant number of his adult years working the casino business in Las Vegas, Nevada along with Louisiana, Mississippi, and other states where gambling is legal. To save his life and his marriage, Tony moved to Katy,Texas in 1998 where he became an entrepreneur by starting his own remodeling business.

After owning a successful remodeling company for several years, in 2009 Tony’s health required that he take another look at his career plans. He left the hard, physical work of the construction business to become a “tough talking” business person. He and his wife Wendy began speaking about and selling professional services. Explaining to others how to follow his lead, Tony became involved in the networking industry in the greater Houston/Katy area. His tough style and generous spirit quickly garnered recognition in competitive arena.

From hosting his own radio show, Tough Talk with Tony Gambone, being the “tough talking” generous person that he is, Tony Gambone formed the Tough Talk Radio Network, a company that provides similar opportunities for other entrepreneurs to grow their business by hosting their own Internet Radio Show. Tony teaches them to become a “Thought Leader” in their industry and provides everything a Radio Host needs to market and promote their shows.


After spending more than 30 years in banking, Linda Ballesteros decided to become an entrepreneur.  She found out very quickly that it is not for the faint at heart and as she learned…she taught others who were struggling.

She has not only found and led many business networking organizations but she has hosted and co-hosted several radio shows where she interviewed guests from around the world of topics that will empower listeners both in business and in life.

Linda wrote the book Your Pot of Gold is a Handshake Away which is a step by step guide to growing your business through referrals.  She is a contributing author in Catch Your Star where she helps the reader find their bliss.

She speaks to groups who are looking to be more strategic in growing their business.





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