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Writer’s Nation Radio serves professionals and aspiring writers.  Our mission is to provide a network and platform of resource and exposure to share your message with the world.  With a respect for one anothers gifts and ideas, combined with a desire to create significant stories, we collaborate to bring your message to life.


About Writer’s Nation Radio Hosts:

Shalanda Norman (Author, Coach, Speaker, & Blogger)

img1454990926637-4Shalanda Norman is one of the most profound spiritual coach or mentor and recognized empowerment educators.  Shalanda is a living testament to the value of life’s interruptions and the power of faith while moving through life’s valleys.  She uses her personal and professional experiences of personal tragedies and success to help others move from interruption to innovation.  Every obstacle is a chance of opportunity……. Every interruption is an inclination to your purpose.

In February 2016, she will be publishing her first self-help and inspirational book entitled ‘Life Interrupted: Get the hell out of my way, I’ve got a life to live”!

Shalanda is the founder of Happy Wealth Coaching.  Happy Wealth Coaching offers a “Road to Recovery” program, that is designed to identify what is interrupting your life.  Through this program, Happy Wealth incorporates spiritual and business practices to create a happy wealthy life; a life designed on purpose.  She believes that Happiness is vital to living a healthy, well, and fulfilled life.

Shalanda’s Happy wealth program encourages all to embark upon your journey of happiness, peace, ultimate Wealth through the power of written words of Authenticity, Encouragement, Motivation, Love, and Laughter.


Kaneen Morgan (Writing Coach, Story Creator & National Speaker

Kaneen Morgan

Kaneen Morgan is an inspiring book writing and publishing coach, author, speaker, and radio show host.  As a journalist by education and passion, Kaneen firmly believes that everyone should author a book. Supporting others to be self-expressed through story and idea, she wants to be the catalyst that helps them fulfill it.

As a book writing coach, Kaneen assists writers in all aspects of the writing process – from finding one’s voice, targeting an audience, formatting their book, developing a creative writing system for success, prioritizing, to publishing.

Kaneen is on a mission to help writers reclaim their creativity and breathe into their work with more passion.  A trusted ghostwriter and writing coach since 2011, Kaneen has assisted many to live their dream of authoring a book, get back to creative writing, and make the most of their talent and professional opportunities as a writer.

Kaneen is a member and director of the NY Chapter Public Speaker’s Association where she uses her communication skills to help writers develop a platform and launch their career into speaking. If you need help finding courage or time to write, or if it’s time to redirect your writing career for the better, Kaneen’s mentoring can help.





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