8 Winning Strategies From The Top Entrepreneurs in America


This week I read an article written by Eric T. Wagner and published by Forbes. This article is so important to people who are or want to be entrepreneurs. I decide that my article will be a truncated version of Eric’s article. You will find a link at the end of the article for you to access the complete article and reach out to Eric.

1.) Have a Unique Perspective on Risk

This one seems like a no-brainer. What other segment of society is willing to step out with crazy ideas like entrepreneurs? But here is the deal for those of you on the fence — get your tail off it. According to the report, “a majority of entrepreneurs indicate they believe entrepreneurs are born — not made”.

2.) Instill Passion in Great Teams

Speaking with Venture Capitalist Paul Jones the other day — he told me the leading cause of high impact entrepreneurial failure is due to team dysfunction and breakdown.

3.) Demonstrate Resilience and Rapid Recovery

Tenacious as a bull-dog — rock star entrepreneurs simply don’t give up. Yes — they get things wrong from time to time. And yes — they get knocked on their rear once in awhile. But guess what? They get up and try, try again. Most times in a new direction.

4.) Embrace Innovation

Hurling through space at the speed of 67,000 miles per hour. Can you imagine it? Yes — that’s us here on planet earth as we fly around the sun.

Now take the break neck pace of technology and knowledge advancement we’re experiencing in our current time. Dare I say it’s whipping along at the same ridiculous speed. Which means you better build a culture of innovation into your business lest you get run over from behind.

5.) Focus on Core Competencies

Basically, the best entrepreneurs become laser focused on the things they do best and outsource the rest. Perfectly rational — but you’d be surprised at the number of entrepreneurs who miss this part. You simply cannot be all things to all people — and you should never try. So nail down those things you and your team really excel at and focus on those.

6.) Pursue Expansion

“Just keep swimming… just keep swimming.” – Dory

Yes — the best entrepreneurs keep swimming. They keep pursuing innovation and they keep growing their companies. And not necessarily in the “grow or die” mantra. Smart, strategic growth and expansion.

7.) The Right Capital At The Right Time

No question capital is a biggie among both startups and the best entrepreneurs in America. It certainly ranks at the top as the biggest “pain in the you know what” I’ve heard from aspiring and startup entrepreneurs.

8.) Preserve What’s Been Built

Although this is a nugget from some power hitting entrepreneurs — not sure I am fully buying into it. Yes — there is no question you want to “cling to what is good — and abhor what is evil”; or in other words; work towards preserving all the wonderful things you have built into your company. But the trouble is what hides under the rug during your preservation mode. Call it “complacency”.

You can read the full article at http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericwagner/2012/11/15/8-winning-strategies-from-the-top-entrepreneurs-in-america/

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