A Network of One

Sometimes I lose focus.  Sometimes I’m there but not there.  Sometimes I take my eye off the ball and sometimes (hopefully not often times) I just get too distracted.  I know when these symptoms are starting to overcome me because of how little is being accomplished in my day.

The biggest anti-pattern of my business focus is social media.  Sometimes I just get lost in the (humongous) networking universe created through social media.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect my network and I’m always expanding it.  In fact a humongous network is a good network! 

However, my core business is consulting, coaching and training; not networking.

I’ve developed a reset process that I follow diligently when I find myself spinning out of control in networkland.  A process that takes me back to my core business and the ownership and responsibility that goes with it.  When I’m spinning out of control, spending too much time reading and responding to social media posts, it’s on me to refocus.  It’s on me to step out of the box, take a few practice swings, do a little of my vintage pacing, maybe even a little shadow boxing and then begin executing my reset process.

First, I completely shut down electronically almost as if it’s 50 years ago.  I might even hum something out of 1964 like twist and shout or maybe the name game or my boy lollipop, this diamond ring, love potion #9 or Downtown.  Maybe even Goldfinger!

I step away from the machine and walk over to my white board.  Standing there I write on the board the description, the features and the benefits of my business ; The VisionOp Group LLC.  Then I spend some time looking at what I just wrote. 

When I need to refocus, I use all my skills and attributes; my network of one.  My network of one is what got me to where I am today.  These same skills and attributes that I trust and lean on for direction; skills like self honesty, diverse appreciation,  being humble (yes that’s a skill), listening and leveraging will now get me to refocus.   It’s on me, not the opinions coming from networkland to make sure my eye stays on the ball. 

I’m running and growing a business, a business that according to what I just wrote on the white board is a consulting, coaching and training company that enables individuals to make a difference in their lives and workplace even as one person.  This is something I’m proud of.  There’s no reason my attention, focus and respect should be anywhere else but my core business, especially during the workday while at work. 

As I begin to refocus I aggressively assign myself a task; to make one thing about my business better.  I also assign myself a deadline to complete this task by end of day.

When the going gets tough or whenever I lose focus, I summon my network of one to remind me that it’s not who I know but who I am that defines me!

This works every time.  – Charliespeaking.com

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