Can Workshops Help Grow Your Business?

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner and you have not considered offering workshops you may be overlooking a powerful marketing tool.

Offering educational workshops addressing a prevalent problem in your niche which are pain points for your client base will identify you as an expert in your field and make you the “go to” person.  All of this just for providing a valuable service that can impact the lives of those you serve.

Here are a few suggestions you can use to create, market and facilitate your next workshop:


Setting the tone

Have you ever been to a boring, agonizing or tedious workshop?  To avoid these pitfalls make your workshop fun, engaging and entertaining.

For example, at the beginning of any workshop, warm up your attendees so they are receptive to your message.  Share a personal story or client story that paints a picture of how the information in this workshop eliminated or reduced the pain point.

Connect with the audience

Get the participants involved even more by encouraging them to reflect on, discuss and experience what they are gaining.  This is a critical step for long term retention.  Knowing they will have an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and learn how to apply what they have learned will keep them coming back.

Market for maximum capacity

Creating an interesting workshop is the first step but it will only be successful if it is well attended.  Using basic marketing strategies to fill your workshop will not only give you a higher attendance rate, greater client conversion but also repeat customers.

Create a plan

Be more targeted with your marketing strategy by creating a well thought out campaign.  Instead of sending out a single email to a hodge podge of contacts or posting fliers and running miscellaneous ads, focus your efforts toward a specific market. This will allow you to customize your workshop to their needs by speaking their language.

Start marketing the event early and touch your prospects numerous times in advance.  Offer them free or value-added products and services about a topic related to the workshop.  For example, you could offer an article, report or ebook in conjunction with their registration.  The key is to send several messages giving yoru prospects more opportunities to get to know you, like what you are doing and trust that you will deliver if they invest in your workshop.

Get noticed

In today’s market we are all bombarded with media overload.  To create a marketing message that will “rise above the noise” so you will be seen and heard and capture the attention of your market your offer must be compelling.  Adding special offers with incentives, deadlines or bonuses will insure a higher response rate.

Make an impact

When facilitating a workshop the focus should be all about the learner.  Facilitation is not about being the “sage on the stage” but about being simply the “guide on the other side”.  An effective facilitator creates a setting where discussion, interaction and learning can take place.

Prior to the workshop, visit with some of the attendees as they arrive to hear why they came and some of their specific challenges.  Addressing these during your workshop will make your information even more relevant.

Request Feedback

You may have been very well prepared and your delivery may have been spot on…according to you however it is crucial to request feedback from your audience.  Taking feedback into consideration will help you to hone your presentation and become more in demand as an expert.

Apply these tips to create your next workshop will allow you to leverage this marketing tool to grow your business simply by sharing your knowledge with your target market.

Linda Ballesteros


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