Raves and Reviews

Great Time On the Show

I had a wonderful time on Tough Talk with Tony Gambone! He made it really easy to become a guest and share how I’m walking in God’s given purpose for my life, both personally and professionally.  I’d definitely recommend any Christian business owner to apply to become a guest.  Tony is great to work with and I’d love to come back on and do it again!!

Christian Leadership Interview

I really enjoyed the interview that I had with Tony Gambone.  It was exciting to know that he had insights in Christian Leadership as well to share.  I was also impressed that he had taken time to prepare for the interview by reading Chapter 4 of my co-authored book: The Master’s Touch: Experiencing Impact in Christian Leadership prior to the radio session. May the Lord richly bless your endeavors.


I enjoyed beyond words the opportunity to be a part of Tough Talk Radio this past Sunday morning 10/2/16  hosted by Tony Gambone!  The professional attitude and quality of the broadcast was exceptional and I look forward to another opportunity for a future broadcast.  I would highly recommend this show to any who are looking for an avenue to connect with a great audience.


Rev. Alan Kelso

“Let Your Food Be Your Medicine” Works for Health AND Happiness

Tony is a great host who gave me freedom to cover what was on my heart and he was explicit in his support for the concepts of health and Bible that I shared. I would welcome the opportunity of being on again with him and Tough Talk Radio.

A Riveting and Supportive Interview

My author interview with Tony Gambone on Tough Talk Radio (4.12.2016) was a most encouraging and supportive experience. His generosity in promoting my books and workshops was matched by the sincerity with which he helped me empower listeners. Certainly talking with Tony is a dynamic marketing breakthrough for any writer.


Roger Leslie

Pro life Health plan

Tony puts on a great show, while asking great questions also promotes the person being interviewed.  It is always great to be a part of it.


Great Podcast Show!

I loved being a guest on Tony’s podcast! He is really well informed and asked great questions that I felt were so helpful to the listeners. I appreciated how well organized the entire process was and it was so simple, fun and easy to be a guest. Thank you!

ADHD Coach

I can’t thank you enough for seeing the need and interest in having me as a guest.  Tony has his pulse on his audience and fills his show with key subjects for people in the know.  He listens so well and asks such poignant questions.  I love listening to him and engage with his guests!

Thank you Tony!

Author, Producer, Actress,


Today, I had the extreme pleasure of being a guest on Tony Gambone’s Tough Talk Radio Show. I truly enjoyed Tony’s warm and welcoming demeanor. He has the true curiosity needed to be a skilled interviewer. Our conversation felt open and engaging.  Thank you for having me on.



Thank you so much for having me on your show today to talk about my book Freed Clause 14 Amendments to freedom and my Ministry 7Miles.    It was a great time, you made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  Very Professional and such a great experience.  thank you again.



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