Frequently Asked Questions- Hosting A Show

How do I get started?

Contact us here, Call 832-437-8898 or fill out the form located on the Become a Host Page.

Does it cost to Host with your Network?

Yes, there is a fee based on the package you choose. for more info go to Hosting Plans and Pricing Page.

Does TTRN offer ways to monetize my show?

Yes, as a host you have the availability to offer sponsorship opportunities on your show.

What is a Sponsor?

Someone who buys ad spots on your show in the form of PSAs or commercials. (Additional costs may apply for commercial production)

Do I own my show and it’s contents?

Yes, you own your show and its contents.

How long would my show be and when would it be on? Can I pick the time?

Your show is one hour long and you can pick the day and time of your show upon availability.

Where do I have to go to do my show? Where is the Studio?

Your show can be done from anywhere a phone is available. You can also use Skype to do your show. Our studio is located in Texas.

Do I need special equipment?

No, no special equipment is required. As long as you have a good phone connection. A land-line has proven to be best but a lot of our hosts use their cell phones with no problems.

How many listeners does TTRN have?

An overall count of about a half a million listeners a month between all the live shows and archives. This continues to increase daily as people listen to archives of your show.

How do people find out about my show?

Through various marketing publications, social media outlets, in house commercials and any marketing you do outside of the station yourself. TTRN offers in-depth media strategy sessions to help you maximize your exposure and message effectiveness. 

How do people listen to my show?

Through iTunes Podcast, our website, on their computer or with any phone during live show, Archives on BTR.

Can I take callers during my show?

Yes, you take up to 100 callers during your show.

How do I know who’s calling in and where they are calling from?

Yes. Your producer always ask who your listeners are and where they are calling from and relays that information to you.

Can I track who is listening?

No. It is the internet and its a very large potential audience and there is no way to know exactly who is tuning in to your show.

What if I don’t have a website?

Having your own website is a big part of being able to market your show, but we do create a web page for you on our site and it is setup for social networking with Facebook and twitter and many other social networks.We also have a creative department that can help you develop your own site. (Additional cost apply)

Will I get copies of my shows?

Yes, you and your guests receive a link that can be downloaded.

What if I need help with my show?

TTRN offers a great training program as part of our Proven Process before you go live. You will be ready and prepared to host your show like a  professional. We consider our hosts family and part of our team, we want nothing but success for you and will do our best to help you every step of the way!


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