Finding your Miracles

I really enjoyed Tony’s interview style. He showed a genuine interest in me and my work. My 5 sisters, Mom, husband, daughter, niece and several friends texted me and raved about the show!  We all appreciate Tony asking questions that allowed me to share a meaningful message. He was familiar with the book contents and  even read excerpts from the book. It was obvious that he prepared. We made an easy connection because his apparent goal was to serve both his listeners and me. I like that his care for the spiritual lives of his listeners is paramount. He aims to provide  content to enhance their spiritual journeys, therefore, in that vein highly recommended and promoted my book. The spirit of God works in Tony to help all of us. He even encouraged his listeners to invite me to speak to their organizations!! He is a very effective interviewer, and most importantly, a man who loves God and His people.

Thank you Tony,

Sadie Mitchell


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