Mission Statement

Tough Talk Radio Network is dedicated to providing a platform that allows opportunities for guests to market themselves through the internet radio medium while offering useful and enlightening content for our listeners.

About Tough Talk Radio Network

Tony and Wendy Gambone started Tough Talk Radio Network in 2010. Tough Talk Radio Network is a company that was started out of wanting to help others market themselves and their businesses.

Tony started doing an internet talk radio show so he could interview business owners, speakers and authors to help promote what they were doing and help them gain even more visibility.

Tony started back in 2010 and has hosted all types of shows from business to christian shows.

Today Tony and Wendy co-host a show together called House Talk Radio. House Talk Radio fits in with their family owned remodeling company. Tony still is the host of Tough Talk Christian Radio that helps other share their relationships with Christ. We also have a show called All Things Franchising hosted by Linda Ballesteros.

As an internet talk radio network, Tough Talk Radio is establishing relationships with industry leaders from diverse fields to give our listeners valuable information and access to first-hand knowledge from people who want to share their expertise with you. Our network is growing and we believe that people are our biggest asset. With your support we will continue to grow the Tough Talk Radio Network Community and bring you programs that meet your needs. The best thing you can do for us is tell a friend and listen to our shows.