House Talk Radio…. Today’s Topic Real Estate Investing

House Talk Radio…. Today’s Topic Real Estate Investing

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House Talk Radio with Host Wendy and Tony Gambone with Special Guest AC Ramos:

AC Ramos is the CEO of the Prosperity Real Estate Group is a world-class organization providing education and coaching for real estate investing. Through our proven methods and proactive approach, we guide our student through the process of locating, evaluating, negotiating, financing, closing, rehabbing and reselling properties for a profit.

At Prosperity Real Estate Group, we believe that everything is achievable, you just have to take the steps to make it happen. That is why we not only provide our students with the knowledge and resources to make profitable deals, we also participate in many of the deals with them to ensure their success. Our programs are designed to support and equip those committed to changing their lives and achieving financial freedom.

Our team is made up of high-producing experts who have experienced the real life situations that our students will encounter in the realm of real estate investing. Each team member cares about and is fully committed to contributing to the success of each of our students.