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Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone and Special guest SaDon Long and Kevin Whitaker:

SaDon L. Long. I am the author of the international bestseller “God Wants You To Dominate” I am also an award-winning sales leader and performance coach. I have coached CEO’s, College Presidents, Apostles and what most people would consider common everyday people. I help people get the life they want and the money they deserve by teaching them how to overcome their past and control their future.

I have been heard on Iheart radio (WVON), seen him on the LRP network (Heaven’s Blvd), as well as several other podcasts and radio show. He’s also been featured on 102.3 ” Rejoice” FM ( #1 FM Gospel Radio Station In Chicago) as the host of my own show Dominate The Day God’s Way.

Kevin Whitaker grew up in less than perfect circumstances, and views himself as an Overcomer. He is a sought out speaker, Pastor and mentor with a passion to help those who have issues overcoming the past. He also works within the school system helping our youth to change their ways and get on the right path to overcome the obstacles that life can and will throw their way. He has been viewed on TBN, the Word NetWork and Atlantas TV 57. His authentic approach to writing will provoke thought, and give the reader a vivid picture that will cause his words to come alive within.