Tough Talk Christian Radio – Serving In The Community.

Tough Talk Christian Radio – Serving In The Community.

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Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone and Special Guest Tracee Seals:

Tracee Seals is an award winning small business entrepreneur, 2019 SXSW Presenter of Innovative Technology and International Speaker. She is the CEO of RUENtertained™? Enterprises who has worked within the private sector as well as government sector in the business industry. She currently works for Katy Christian Ministries as their Development Director. She serves as an Advocate for Independent Artist providing speaking engagements to help them understand the true effects of having a business in the music Industry .She discusses these topics on her podcast show, RUENtertained™?. Tracee has worked within the community educating individuals in areas of business development, certifying their business, marketing, as well as financial education. In addition, she’s a Branding and Image Consultant and she also offers 501c3 document preparation for start-up Nonprofit organizations. Instagram: traceespeaks

Twitter: traceespeaks

Facebook: TraceeMbatoPhdSeals