Writers Nation Radio with Hosts Kaneen Morgan and Shalanda Norman with Guest Robert Gignac & Sarah and Samantha Rusca and Messersmith:

Robert Gignac is the owner of Rich is a State of Mind, focusing on personal and financial development. A sought after speaker at seminars across North America, Robert writes articles on personal and financial development issues. His is also the author of the International best-seller “Rich is a State of Mind” (over 40,000 copies sold…) a novel which examines personal finance as seen through the eyes of a North American family. Spanning 13 months in the lives of the Jarvis family, engaging conversations help educate readers about personal finance, goal setting, insurance and the value of a long range perspective. 

Sarah and Samantha are relationships experts, life coaches, and motivational speakers, and authors.

They spent a decade climbing the corporate ladder, following the path of security, safety, and society’s definition of what it takes to have “made it”. They found immense success through our passion for the personal development of others and our drive to be the best. During that time they also faced real life challenges. Those experiences include marriage, divorce, unhealthy friendships, being held at gun point, getting kicked out of college, losing a career, infidelity, and betrayal. What have they learned? Life is always going to happen. It is up to you how you react. Today, Sarah and Samantha specialize in helping women overcome adversity, build confidence, fall in love with themselves, and live the life that was designed for them.