Why Become a Host?

By Hosting an Internet Radio Talk Show you can become a “Thought Leader” in your Industry. Talk Show Hosts are always perceived as experts & credible sources. A thought leader is a recognized leader in one’s field.

Hosting an Internet Radio Show helps you:

  • (Reach a Wide Audience) – You create a national, and even international, audience for your message, your passion, and /or your business, while increasing your customer base.

  • (Connect to Prospects) – Your own show results in incredible networking opportunities for you with your guest, leading to enhanced business opportunities – making more money.

  • (Be the Expert) – The one thing I found that hosting an internet radio show helps create validity and establish expertise. Having your own show also results in incredible networking opportunities.

  • (Get past the Gate Keeper) – How hosting a internet radio show allows you invites business owners to be a guest on your show. It allows you the pre-interview, the interview and the follow-up interview. All allowing you to build know, like and trust relationship with business owners who might need your services.

Did you know that…………

  • An estimated 52 Million Americans Listened to Internet Radio in the last month and growing.

  • The weekly Internet Radio audience has increased 50% over the past year.

  • More than eight in ten Americans are online from any location.


“I was hesitant when Tony Gambone approached me about hosting a radio show on Tough Talk Radio Network.  You see, I know Tony as being an honest, caring, giving individual that had a radio show everyone was talking about.  I could never do that…or so I thought.  Having a show has not only allowed me to interview people from around the world but I continue building these relationships that would not have been possible without having a radio show.  Many thanks to Tony and Tough Talk Radio Network for providing the platform for this to take place.” ~Linda Ballesteros, Host of Workshop Wednesdays and Power Talk


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